RaiDrive 2022.6.56
(Tuesday, August 23, 2022)
New Features
  • pCloud: EU region support
  • Excel: First save failure in the Local disk mode
  • WebDAV: pathname issue included '#'

(August 10, 2022)
RaiDrive 2022.6.49
New Features
  • Windows on Arm
  • Browse in private, browser selection
  • SFTP: drive capacities (total, used and free space)
  • Microsoft Office: dramatic writing performance, manage versions on Google Workspace
  • Box, MEGA: upload issue
  • TLS 1.3: CPU performance
  • Performance extension: blocking in Explorer
  • Session: continous disconnection
  • Install : Unity.ResolutionFailedException
  • SFTP: list files of the root folder
  • Adobe Illustrator: save file
  • Azure, Rename folder
  • Google Drive: Abused file download
  • MEGA: HWP format save
  • Browser: Microsoft Edge Beta, Dev, Canary
  • Charset: remove UTF-7 from FTP, SFTP
  • Microsoft Office: Save as issue
  • WebDAV: filename issue (%20)

(April 6, 2022)
RaiDrive 2022.3.30
  • SFTP: QNAP, ASUS login issue
  • SFTP: root account permission issue
(March 21, 2022)
RaiDrive 2022.3.21
New Features
  • Google Drive, OneDrive: Folder selection dialog
  • WebDAV, SFTP, FTP: IPv4, IPv6 support
  • SFTP: Multi-factor authentication support
  • Enterprise, NAS: Manually set the refresh period for listing files
  • SFTP: Immediate reflection of write errors in read-only files
  • OneDrive, SharePoint: File versioning
  • DigitalOcean, IBM Cloud, Tencent Cloud: Region updated, improved bucket listing
  • ISO Mount: Only support under Network + Public options
  • Import/Export: Vanishing drive items
  • File Lock: Unstable lock in Word under Local + Public options
  • Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint: Quick operation issue
  • Google Photos: Invalid folder right control
  • Dropbox: Rename issue in JDownloader2
  • Dropbox: Invalid connection token
  • Backblaze: Limited Application ID/Key issue